NFC Playoff Predictions


Now that the regular season has ended, the best seven teams in the NFC can finally show who is the best. With the Eagles clinching the conference, they will start their first game in the divisional.

The NFC teams playing in the wild-card round are the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Dallas Cowboys. 

“I think the Cowboys are going to beat the Buccaneers, the San Francisco 49ers are going to beat the Seahawks, and I think the Vikings are going to kill the Giants,” said Elijah Stevenson, a sophomore and NFL enthusiast. 

If Stevenson’s predictions are correct, the divisional round will look like this:

  • Eagles vs. Cowboys
  • San Francisco vs. Vikings

For the divisional rounds Stevenson thinks the “Eagles will beat the Cowboys and the Vikings are going to beat San Francisco,” said Stevenson 

In the division championship game, Elijah Stevenson said, “The Eagles are going to beat the Vikings.”. 

Stevenson believes these teams got into the playoffs for specific reasons, which are different for each team.

The Eagles are ”great all year, all of their players are healthy, they only lost to Washington because of bad play calling. They lost to the [Cowboys and Saints] because Jalen Hurts was hurt,” said Stevenson.

“The Buccaneers won’t win because Tom Brady is kind of washed.”

“The Vikings are going to beat the Giants because the only person the Giants have is Saquon Barkley.”

“Seahawks have Lockett, and this is his fourth straight year with 1,000 yards receiving, the Seahawks might win but San Francisco has a better offense,” said Stevenson.

NFC Weaknesses

These teams may be the best of the best in the NFC, but every team has weaknesses.

Stevenson and Milo state each NFC team’s weaknesses:

Dallas Cowboys: “Probably their quarterback, I know Dak Prescot has had a pretty hard year and in my opinion doesn’t exactly deserve to be starting.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: “Tom Brady has not been playing very well this year.”

New York Giants: “Their defense has been playing subpar.”

Vikings: “Probably their offense as a whole the only reason they are probably making the Playoffs is because of the defense talent.” 

Seahawks: “Probably their quarterback Geno Smith, he is still young he hasn’t played much, it is his first starting season in a long long time.”

San Francisco 49ers: “Their pass defense, it is ranked 20th in the league, and that is the lowest rank for the 49ers,” Said Wegmann.

Eagle: “They don’t have a real weakness about them. Overall they have been a fantastic team all year. If I had to guess their back-ups. They do not have very reliable backups at all as we saw during those two losses where Jalen Hurts was injured.” 

Each team with their weaknesses and strengths all have one similar goal. To defeat their opponent , move to the next round and win the Lombardi trophy.

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