New Year’s Resolutions


Every year for some people having a New Year’s resolution is a tradition.

A New Year’s resolution is a goal which drives one to improve themselves as an individual. Everyone has a different resolution, but all plan on accomplishing their goal.

According to WIFR, the most popular resolutions are to eat healthier, exercise more, or to grow economically.

However, students often have different ideas to improve their mindset or performance through resolutions.

Emily Edwards, senior, had a resolution last year to “start exercising so I would grow in muscle instead of fat.”

“To accomplish my goal, I went to the gym, but I quit after a day because the environment overwhelmed me,” said Edwards.

Because she fell short of her goal, she plans on attempting a new resolution for this year.

“My New Year’s resolution this year is to become a better student…to do well in my classes,” said Edwards.

Some ways to become a better student include studying, participating, and focusing.

Edwards said, “To make my goal happen I plan on studying for 12 hours a day.”

Ansley Booth, sophomore, had a similar resolution as Edwards of wanting to improve as a student.

“This year, I want to become more organized with my school work and supplies, so I can always be prepared for class,” said Booth.

In order to complete this goal, she wants to “make sure I neatly file my papers, restock my tools, and have everything on hand,” said Booth.

Other students, like Georgia Weaver, senior, have different goals related to more personal issues.

“My resolution is to officially move out of my dad’s house and become more independent as I grow into an adult,” said Weaver.

She plans on getting a job in order to make her goal happen.

Her last year’s resolution was a mental improvement, instead of a physical goal like this year.

Weaver said, “My resolution for last year was to not take things personally, and I did that by resolving my issues instead of running away from them.”

Although each person may have a separate resolution, they all have the common goal to refine themselves.


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