Littering is a Growing Problem


Littering can contaminate soil and water, harm wildlife, and even cause injury or death to animals. It can also create a negative impact on our school image. Students do not realize the impact littering can have on the school environment.

Littering is often caused by individuals who do not understand the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, this is a problem that affects us all, even at Leesville Road High School. Littering is present all over campus even though students have a number of trash cans placed all around campus. It is important to educate people and students about the importance of disposing of their waste responsibly. Doing so will create a sense of duty and responsibility within the student body. 

“Having the LEO Club creates that sense of responsibility in at least a small section of the student body,” Will Coste, a junior.

One of the main causes of littering is a lack of trash receptacles in public places. If people do not have a place to dispose of their trash, they are more likely to discard it in the environment. Another cause of littering is the improper disposal of items such as cigarette butts and fast food packaging. These items can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. This is no excuse for Leesville Road High School students. Trash cans and recyclable boxes are scattered everywhere throughout the school. The cafeteria is littered with trash despite having over 10 trash cans. Lunch ladies are left to clean up the mess of over 2500 students. 

“Most of the time I leave my trash on the table because I know it will be picked up for me regardless,” Ben Holland, a senior. 

In order to reduce littering and its harmful effects, it is important to take steps to educate the public about the consequences of their actions. Communities should provide trash receptacles in public places and encourage people to use them. Schools and businesses can also promote anti-littering campaigns to raise awareness. Additionally, laws should be enacted to punish those who litter. At Leesville Road High School the LEO Club recently held a clean up of the campus, where club members set off to rid the campus of litter. .

Littering is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. It can have serious consequences for our environment, our health, and our economy. Having a clean School environment gives the students and teachers a sense of accomplishment and respect. We must take action to reduce and prevent littering. Through education, public awareness, and appropriate legislation, we can work together to make our world and Leesville Road High School a cleaner and healthier place.


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