Teen Truth


Teen Truth is a group dedicated to help teens grow their self-esteem and inform students that they are not alone in there suffering

Columbine is really what inspired us. A lot of adults were saying why this probably happened, but I believe that the kids should have a voice in that so we just made a movie and here we are 22 years later and have been on the road and worked with millions of kids,” said JC Pohl the co-founder of Teen Truth.

The assembly was held in the main Gym during 3rd period on November 10, 20

“The school assembly addressed an important point, and I think the students might have been reluctant to hear it because I think the school has a lot of problems with teen mental health; I don’t think that people were optimistic about finding a solution,” said Benjamin Pappas, junior.

During the second school assembly  the students walked out. While the  first assembly talked over Pohl for a considerable amount of time.  When he came into the leadership summit the student leadership treated JC with respect and he did the same to the students.

After the school assembly, Mr.Solomon selected a few people to try to figure out and solve the mental health problems at Leesville.

During the leadership summit, there was “team building activities, opportunities for students to have a choice, and developing their abilities to influence and be positive role models for their colleagues,” said Ian Solomon, principal at Leesville.

“We felt like we had a passion about the social and emotional issues that they have been struggling with,” said Pohl.

“The leadership summit went very well because the students have the answers to a lot of the problems. We have insight into the mental health problems, so coming to us for answers was a very bold and good move from the school. I hope the school does more things like that,” said Pappas.


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