The Reality of Cheating In School 


    Tests, quizzes, and assignments are given in school to show what the student has learned and what they can take away. Since tests and assignments determine what an individual knows, cheating defeats the purpose. 

    Teachers don’t understand why students cheat. Many teachers believe students cheat because they are too lazy to do their work, but in reality, that is not always the case.

    Students are under a great deal of pressure from teachers and parents to achieve good grades in school. Students can receive consequences if their grades are not where they “should” be. 

    As a result, to receive good grades, students cheat by looking up the answers, copying from their peers, or writing on their hands. 

    Students have come up with many sneaky ways to cheat.

    Most students have cheated on a school assignment at some point in their lives. 30 out of 35 people in my English class have said they have cheated on a school assignment at least once in their lifetime. 

    A survey given across the U.S. shows that 95% of students admitted to cheating in some capacity. 

    “Everyone has definitely cheated in their lifetime. I think you’re lying if you say you haven’t. Whether that’s writing on your hand or sharing answers with friends or looking it up, it is all ways of cheating that are used pretty commonly in high school,” said an anonymous junior. 

    Cheating is not always the right choice, but it has become normalized due to modern  technology which makes it easier to cheat.

    Apple watches specifically make it easier to cheat. The watch is so small and easy to hide, that students can look up the answer to a question on the watch, without the teacher noticing. 

    Many students collaborate with their friends to do well on assignments. Students will take a picture of a test and send it to their friend so they know what to expect. They also use their friends’ notes and answers to complete homework they haven’t done. 

    Students often have siblings that have attended or currently attend Leesville. Older siblings have taken the same class with the same teacher. Students can receive previous assignments from their siblings and use their work. 

    Another frequently used way of cheating is writing on your hand or a small sheet of paper. If a student has a math test and needs to memorize an equation, they will write it on their hand to remember it and use it on the test. 

    Students can get in a ton of trouble for cheating, but teachers should understand where the student is coming from. It is important to get good grades on tests and quizzes if one wants to go to college or even just to please their parents. In order to do this, students decide to cheat. 


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