Second Quarter Burnout


As the second quarter begins, many students now face the task of the looming end-of-semester tests and grades. As grades are being finalized and teachers are handing out report cards, students are scrambling to make their grades better.

At this time of year, students are also taking the PreSAT and PreACT. Many students find themselves behind on work. Once behind on work, they struggle to keep up with the continuous pace of school. 

This can lead to many students overworking themselves and burnout from the semester’s stress and work. 

Spending an hour or two every night working on schoolwork is simply exhausting. 

Most students have after-school activities such as work, sports, or taking care of younger siblings. 

All these components added together can cause students to feel immense stress and pressure. 

Having to keep up with every demand that life throws them constantly.

Digital Burnout

When we are constantly on too many devices and other electronics, digital burnout is a common factor. 

Devices are used for work, school, social reasons, and then to relax. 

As the second quarter is underway many students are on their devices even more than in the first quarter to improve their grades and finish assignments.

With the overwhelming news, digital burnout is even more prevalent, each new event brings more anxiety into our lives. 

Strategies to Combat & Prevent

Words from a Professional

Pamela Saldanha, guidance counselor, said, “Paying attention to your physical needs, making sure you’re getting enough sleep, making sure you’re eating breakfast, regular eating, and exercising patterns.”

Taking care of these basic needs is important to prevent burnout. 

Saldanha also commented on how many students’ after-school activities and commitments should be reassessed if they are taking too much of their time and energy. 

If you’re taking too many AP classes or your coursework is too much, you’re at higher risk for burnout. 

Saldanha also said, “Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we just bite off more than we can chew, and that’s just what it is, you kind of got to see it through.”

My Ways to Combat Burnout

After feeling burnout I decided to try out different methods to help with burnout. 

Here are six ways others have found to combat second-quarter burnout. 

  1.  Cutting digital accounts   
  2.  Meditation
  3.  Seek support 
  4.  Exercising- yoga 
  5.  Mindfulness, reassessing my priorities, and after-school activities 
  6.  Eating and drinking healthy

I found that cutting my digital accounts led to me feeling freer, and I could use my time for something more productive and relaxing. I would recommend when you’re feeling burnt out take a break from all social media. 

When I tried meditation for a few days, it worked at first. After a few days of trying it though the effect wasn’t the same and I found myself struggling to keep from burning out. This method I would recommend is only short term.

Seeking support, I would say this is one of the most effective ways, just knowing that someone is there to always listen when you are down. Although it might not solve your burnout immediately, it helps you feel more in control of the situation you’re in. 

Exercising is a hit or miss for me — at times I felt it was helpful but other times it felt like a waste of time. I would recommend this only if you’re feeling up to it and you need to burn some energy off. 

Mindfulness, I would say, was one of the most effective ways of combating burnout, just being aware of my feelings and needs was important. It also made me realize that I was putting way too much on my plate. 

The last method I tried was eating and drinking well. This method was half effective, it kept me healthy and made sure I was covered in other areas, but it didn’t solve or help the overall problem. 

The best overall method for burnout is simply resting which is one of the only effective ways to combat burnout. Make sure you’re taking care of all your body needs and having balance in all aspects of your life. 


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