What Would HOCO be without Brier Creek Country Club?


Every Homecoming, Leesville students flood Brier Creek Creek Country Club to take pictures before dinner.

Jason Butters is a junior at Leesville. So far in his time at Leesville, he has gone to Brier Creek Country Club on three separate occasions to take pictures. “It’s so convenient so everyone just settles on going there,” said Butters.

Butters’ issue with Brier Creek is that he feels like he’s interrupting the members eating dinner and playing golf. “It’s kind of awkward when the members see us. It’s not really a welcoming environment,” said Butters.

Meanwhile, Skyler Rossner, a senior at Leesville, disagrees with the convenience factor that Butters explained. “I feel like people settle on taking pictures at Brier Creek because it’s convenient, but in reality, it’s like forty-five minutes away from dinner every time,” said Rossner.

Rossner has also been to Brier Creek Country Club for a Leesville associated event three times during high school. “I think my group has grown out of taking pictures at Brier Creek, but I’m sure we’ll still end up there again,” said Rossner.

I reached out to Brier Creek on three separate occasions, but there was no response. Throughout the numerous years that Leesville students have been going to Brier Creek, there has been minimal to no issues. The Brier Creek staff doesn’t appear to have issues with Leesville students. 

Leesville students have made Brier Creek the hot spot for taking pictures before dances. While no one’s quite sure why Leesville students crowd Brier Creek Country Club, it’s a tradition that is relied upon by hundreds of students throughout numerous Homecomings.


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