This is the first election where most of Gen Z will be able to vote. In our polarized environment, high youth turnout could decide the fate of this country. (Photo from Google Creative Commons)

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard former President Obama’s famous saying: “Don’t boo, vote.” 

There is so much whining and booing and complaining about Biden or the Republicans. But the attacks and complaints mean nothing if you don’t vote. I realize that just about every single member of the establishments of the political parties is infuriating to Generation Z. It’s very easy to feel like your vote doesn’t matter.

Votes do matter, though. The future of this country is at stake. Social Security, Medicare, The Right to Choose and yes, even the future of American Democracy. I implore every senior at Leesville and every teacher to vote if eligible, regardless of whether you think you have an impact or not.

Any voter in North Carolina can request a ballot by mail. In fact, even if you aren’t registered, you can go to early vote between the days of October 20 and November 5 at 3:00 PM. I personally recommend early voting as the locations are less crowded and you can choose to vote when you want, within reason. 

You will not be asked for a photo ID unless it is your first time voting. A driver’s license will do just fine. 

Over 29,000 new voters in Wake County alone have been registered between October 2020 and October 2022, and we still have over a week left in the month. This is an impressive start but I urge you to register, and even if you can’t vote this time, pre-register! It’s easy and guarantees you a voice!

The parties are incredibly polarized and angry right now. We can’t afford low turnout or indecision. Your votes, either early or on November 8 by 7:30 pm, WILL make the difference. We get the 8th off as a voting day.

I strongly encourage everyone to research and make an informed decision for the midterm elections. The “D” or “R” next to someone’s name does not qualify or disqualify them. Vote your conscience and for people you trust, and this country will be just fine. 


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