The Benefits of Music


Many students listen to music during the school day, but is it beneficial?

Georgia Weaver, a Leesville senior, listens to hip hop and rap throughout the school day. She finds herself struggling to enjoy school, but music provides a little boost to her day.

“Listening to music throughout the day makes school at least a little tolerable,” said  Weaver. 

Weaver does not use music to help her focus. Instead, she uses it to improve her mood. Depending on the song, it will raise her spirits.

“You get here and you don’t want to be here. Listening to music makes it better,” Weaver said.  

Weaver mentioned that music did not impact her studies, she was able to focus with or without it. She only needed music to make school endurable.

Kennedy Ford, a Leesville senior, listens to rap.  She feels it is disrespectful to listen to music while the teacher is lecturing and struggles with staying engaged with the lesson if she has music playing. 

“It is fine if students listen to music during independent work and the halls, but it is rude during lectures,” said Ford. 

 During independent work, music does the opposite; it helps her focus. 

“It prevents me from goofing off, otherwise.”

Listening to music while working helps her tune out any distracting conversations. She is able to stay productive with the aid of some tunes in her ears. 

Students use music for different reasons throughout the school day. Overall, music proves to be helpful to students. 


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