No Track, No Football?


Due to the track being redone, Leesville’s football team won’t play in Hamilton Stadium until late September.

There’s no doubt that Leesville needed a new track. The problem was when construction would begin and how the team’s home opener would be affected. 

Coach Rogers told the team that the track would not be ready for a home football game until at least September 30 where the Pride will face off against Broughton to open up conference play.

Although The Pride is in the middle of its longest regular season road trip in the history of the program, senior starting quarterback, John Mark Shaw, isn’t fazed by the away atmosphere. “ It is what it is. We’ll go on the road and win every game there,” said Shaw. 

Micaah Purvis, a junior on the football team, misses the turnout at home football games. “The energy is always super high at home games,” said Purvis. 

Though the energy at away games has been high this season, the football players are ready to play at home again.

Excuses don’t run in the football program at Leesville. The long wait the players are enduring to play in Hamilton Stadium will be worth it when the pride return home at some point this season.


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