New engineering club at Leesville

Club members will have projects similar to the work of constructing a car. The club leaders are excited to help students complete them. (Photo Courtesy of Sami McGaughey)

Leesville Road High School has gained a new Engineering club run by Maddie Morita and Sannaa Blila; the Club will involve doing different activities and going to various software companies.

Last school year, Maddie Morita and Sanaa Blila, both juniors at Leesville Road High School, decided to start a new engineering club. After finding two teachers to sponsor them, Mr. McFarland and Mr. Sinor, they had to get twenty student signatures and five teacher signatures to make the club official. 

Once they did, the last step was to spread the word. 

Currently, only Mr. Mcfarland’s engineering class at Leesville helps students explore the engineering world; the Engineering Club can help reach more students and make the exploration more accessible.

“The purpose of the club is to explore the different fields of engineering for students around Leesville, ” said Morita

The creation of this club could spark new passions in students’ hearts for engineering and maybe lead them into an engineering career path. 

“I hope this club can help open students up to engineering so that they could maybe be as interested in it as I am,” said Morita. 

During club meetings, Morita plans for members to complete mini projects and take field trips to places like IBM, an engineering and software company. Morita’s plans for the club show that she is passionate about the club she started; she also invites others to show their love for engineering.  

Morita has already found students interested in joining the engineering club; they will meet for the first time on September 7 in room 135.

If you want to know more or ask any questions, visit the club’s Instagram page: @lrhsengineering

You can also join the club’s Remind, the code is lrhsen.


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