Changes To Leesville 

A fire truck comes to Leesville as students have their third evacuation of the week. These evacuations are caused by the new fire alarm system. (Photo courtesy of Benjamin Taylor)

As the new school year comes to a start, staff and students at Leesville Road High School notice new changes to the school such as the bells, AC, and the Fire alarm system.

Leesville got the money for these changes from a ¨Federal Grant.¨ said Assistant Principal Bobby Vaughan.

Christopher Pharr, a sophomore at Leesville, believes that the new bell is “too quiet [and] overall I’d say irritating.¨

Pharr said the bell and the testing of the intercom on Tuesday, August 30 was “ a nuisance.”  

Pharr believes that the admin should either  “change the auditory levels or just go back to the original¨ because he ¨could barely hear anything.¨

Milo Wegmann, sophomore, has some different opinions. Milo said, “The new bells are less annoying.”

Pharr may not have liked the AC system last year. “Last year it was pretty boiling for me [but] this year is pretty nice.”

Wegmann did not even notice that there was a new AC system. ¨If I was not told that there was a new one. I would not even know.¨

Bobby Vaughan, assistant principal, was in charge of these changes to Leesville High. 

Why did these changes happen in the first place? The ¨AC was 25 years old and needed some upgrades. [The fire alarm] also needed some upgrades to it,¨ said 


Pharr thinks that the new bell is ¨ Too quiet [and] Overall irritating.¨  While Vaughan and Wegmann disagree, Wegmann believes that the new bell is  ¨more pleasant sounding” than the last bell.

The students at Leesville may not like the bell and the fire alarm, they do like the new AC system. Overall the upgrades are a success to Leesville High.


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