Leesville Compost Bins


By 2020, two compost bins existed at Leesville – one behind the Murphy building and one behind Mr. Muira’s construction class, both constructed in Spring of 2019.

Mrs. Stolfo, foods teacher at Leesville, came up with the idea to create a third compost bin, more accessible to her classroom. By fall of 2021, the plan was put in action. With the help of Mr. Murias construction class, the third bin was shortly created and ready to use.

The bins serve a purpose in the Leesville community by cutting down on food waste that would end up in landfills. By composting raw food scraps (including fruits and vegetables), nutrient dense soil forms. This soil eventually will be used in our flower beds.

The compost bin at Leesville uses a “lasagna approach”, consisting of layers of brown and green items that provide a good balance of Nitrogen and Carbon. The whole approach is a long process, taking about 6-8 months for the soil to be accessible to use. In an attempt to speed this up, Mrs. Stolfo and Mrs. Schwinger often stir the bin and add moisture when necessary. 

Students in Foods 1 and 2 use the bin on a weekly basis, composting their food scraps after every food lab. This means materials such as vegetable and fruit scraps, paper towels, sometimes even paper are being constantly added. 

With the existence of our three compost bins, our students learn the importance of composting, how it can help the environment and the enriched soil saves our self money, so we don’t have to buy soil. Students also benefit from using fresh herbs in their recipes,” said Mrs. Stolfo.


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