Wordle: The New Hit Word Game


Across all different platforms, word games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment today and Wordle is no exception to that. Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, Wordle has gained over 3 million daily players. 

Wordle gives the player 6 guesses to guess a random five letter word. If the words the player guesses have letters that the correct word has in them, they will be highlighted green or yellow. Green means the letter is in the same spot it is in the correct word, and yellow means the letter is in the correct word but not in the position the player had it in.

Esther Lee, a senior at Leesville, found Wordle on Tiktok. “I found out about Wordle from Wordletips on Tik Tok,” said Lee. 

Wordletips is an account on Tiktok run by a long time fan of the game. Everyday, Wordletips posts a new video describing his experience with the word of the day, which introduces the game to a lot of new players.

Different people have different strategies that they use each day to complete the Wordle. A lot of people start with the word “adieu” since it has a lot of vowels in it, which helps narrow down what the correct word could be. Some other good starter words include: “spear”, “irate”, and “tears”. 

“I used to use the word “adieu”, but I use more random words now to make it more fun,” said Lee.

Emma Nani, a senior at Leesville, likes to take notes on a separate sheet of paper on all the possible word combinations to help her through the puzzle. 

Even though Wordle has become such a huge game with millions of users, there is only one word puzzle per day that resets at midnight. However, most players find this keeps them more engaged with the game. 

“I like the once a day setup because it gets me excited every day to wake up and play,” said Lee.

“If it was unlimited, I would get bored of it really quickly,” said Nani. 

The once a day setup makes the game unique compared to the other games floating around that are designed to keep players on the app for as long as possible.

Even though Wordle only allows one game per day, this helps elongate its relevance. Oftentimes games will try to keep players on their app/website for as long as possible, however, this leads to a quick burnout. Wordle, on the other hand, uses its once daily game to keep players coming back for more day after day.

Wordle is an amazing word game that everyone should try out. It is super fun to play, and will hopefully stay in the spotlight for a while.


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