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The quarter just came to a close and your grade is less than satisfactory. You need to boost it by just a few points, but that involves proving to your teacher you deserve the credit. Try some of these options to see if they might convince your teacher to give you extra credit or change your score!

Ask your teacher for an extra credit assignment

Beg your teacher for an extra credit assignment

Write a four page, MLA formatted paper on why your teacher should raise your grade.

Write a four page MLA formatted paper on why your teacher should raise your grade and create an accompanying slideshow with graphs and pictures illustrating your grade breakdown of major and minor assignments. 

Create a 36 by 48 inch tri fold presentation with graphs, pictures, and constructed response answers detailing why your teacher should raise your grade. Use colored markers for pizzazz.

Write an essay on all of the life events that will go horribly wrong if your teacher does not raise your grade. Make sure the essay begins amusingly and slowly spirals into a horrible future full of depressing potential realities.

Find a nice rock, preferably one which is smooth. Paint it with a smiley face or something else positive and present it to your teacher as a paper weight. Your teacher will enjoy the paperweight and raise your grade in return 

Choreograph a song and dance routine with your other friends who need to raise their grade. Your teacher will enjoy the creativity and give you the grade you deserve.

Water all of your teacher’s plants for them. Tell your teacher if they do not raise your grade, you will continue to water the plants until they inevitably die. 

Ask politely for your teacher to raise your grade. If they say no, walk into class muttering until they eventually ask you what you are saying. Tell your teacher you are cursing them with the power of the devil. Make sure the teacher knows you and the devil are personal friends and the all powerful demon  gave you an I owe you — it pays to make a deal with the devil. 

Threaten to cast a spell from Harry Potter on your teacher. I recommend petrificus totalus and obliviate

Ask them to lower your grade– reverse psychology!

Present your teacher with a puppy. Ask her to change your grade while they are happy and playing with the puppy. Do not tell the teacher where you got the puppy– there is no need.

Do not ask your teacher to change your grade. Find your teacher’s friend, ask them to tell your teacher to change your grade. Friends are more persuasive than students.

Find a frog. Trade the frog for a higher grade. 

Create a list of all the reasons you like your teacher. End the list by telling them none of the said reasons will stand true unless they raise your grade. 

Hide your teacher’s favorite pen. Only reveal the location of the pen if they raise your grade. 

 Use fire creatively. You’re a high schooler, figure it out!

                ***please do not burn down the school, arson is not creative

Rearrange your teacher’s room so only you know where their items are. Only put everything back if your teacher raises your grade. 

Wait for the teacher to begin lecturing. Ask “why?” to all of their statements. Repeat until the teacher is annoyed. Offer to stop asking “why?” if they raise your grade. 

Create a petition urging the teacher to raise your grade. Present it to your teacher. 

Ask your teacher to raise your grade. Organize a walkout protest if they refuse. 

Create an announcement over your school’s intercom asking your teacher to raise your grade. 

Contact your school newspaper. Ask them to publish your OpEd on why your teacher should raise your grade.

Contact your local TV station. Ask them to cover the story of your teacher needing to raise your grade. 

Teachers love creativity, any of these tricks are bound to award you the extra credit you need. 

By Lauren Taylor, junior editor, 2021-22

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a junior editor for The Mycenaean. I am a curler, and I also play the guitar and ukulele.

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