5 Efficient Ways to Prepare For Your Exams! (Satire)

Need a little help preparing for your final exams this semester? Follow these tips to help you get ready to ace your finals! (Photo courtesy of Chase Dutton)

As the first semester comes to a close, students all across Leesville Road High School (LRHS) scramble to prepare and study for their final exams. Reviewing traditional textbooks, student-made quizlets, and other means that are boring and unnecessary. Yet none of these studying options truly prepare students for their final exams. 

Here are five, more efficient, alternative methods to ace your final exams this January:

  1. Sleep in Class

Sleeping and resting the brain is always a positive way to mentally prepare for your exams. A proper sleep schedule will help increase your productivity and increase your chances of scoring high on your finals. However, many students have an improper sleep schedule that negatively impacts their academic performance. 

Instead of sleeping at night, students should sleep in class during the school day! This allows students to stay up all night and study for their exams. Sleeping in class provides students with the proper amount of sleep they need, all while provided more time at night to study!

  1. Hang Out With Friends

One of the best things a student can do to prepare is spending time with their friends and socializing. Believe it or not, hanging out with friends before your exams is a great way to spend and manage your time. Leave all of your flashcards, notebooks, and textbooks at home and instead go to Cook-Out at 1:00 am with your best buds! Traditional studying is mentally draining, and can cause students to fall under pressure and stress of their workload. Spending time and socializing with friends relieves stress and is enjoyable at the same time. Why study when you could be out playing basketball with your peers? 

  1. Eat Like Crap

Students should steer clear of nutritious food and drink options while they prepare for their exams. Why? Because carrots and apples will put a teenager to sleep within minutes. In order to stay attentive and perform well, students instead should adapt to a balanced diet of sugary junk food! Soda’s, candy, chips, and donuts are a better option for a teenager’s taste buds and will keep you awake at night during your study sessions! Eating a full bag of Cheetos for breakfast before your exams is a cheap and filling alternative, and tastes much better than cereal!

  1. Cell Phone Break!

Whether in class or at home studying, it’s always a good idea to take a phone break every minute or so and check in on your SnapChat and/or Instagram feed. Something amazing could be happening in the world, and you would miss it all because you weren’t on your phone! In order to stay on top of your studies, as well as current events and social life, taking a small phone break in between studying always eases the teenage mind. But don’t get carried away by your wondrous TikTok or Instagram feed: Limit your phone break to a minimum of 30 minutes every 5 or so minutes of studying. Allowing yourself to have a short phone break every so often while you study will absolutely increase your chances in acing your exams!

  1. Pull An All-Nighter

The most important method to prepare for your final exams this January is to cram every bit of information into your brain the night before. In order to do so, pulling an all-nighter is the best option to study. If ever you start to feel fatigued or sleepy, resort back to your junk diet and drink a RedBull or eat some sugary candy to stay awake. Remember to take regular phone breaks during an all-nighter to stimulate your brain with information from TikTok, YouTube, etc. 

Sleep is for quitters and the weak! Try to stuff as much information as possible into your head the night before your exam and you’ll do great! 


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