Why Crumbl Cookies are Extremely Overrated

Crumbl Cookies are sweet, savory, and sugary treats for all ages. However these delightful desserts are overpriced and have a number of flaws, here’s why you shouldn’t but Crumbl Cookies. (Photo courtesy of Maddy Winick)

“I want to spend excessive amounts of money on mid-quality food!” said no one ever. 

Why would anyone want to ever waste their money on six, god-awful cookies? Crumbl Cookies have recently become the new trend and food craze. However, there are a number of reasons these sugary treats are overpriced, overrated, and overall terrible.

Too Much Hype

Crumbl Cookies began to rise in popularity because of their unique way to order in stores. A new user interface allows customers to build and create their own set of cookies at the stores. The ‘creation station’ in stores is a neat feature to construct your own personal order of cookies, but it also comes with severe defects in its system. Customers often get frustrated with the system as orders can be easily messed up because of the high tech interface. Messed up or wrong orders must still be paid for even if they are accidentally ordered by the customer.

The brand also rose in popularity because of their marketing and brand name on various social media websites. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cumbl Cookies targeted their advertisements and brand name toward an audience of customers who stayed at home and ordered food. By noticing the mass demand for new user interfaces to order, Crumbl Cookies became widely popular overnight on different social media platforms, including Tik Tok with 1.8 million followers. 

As the Crumbl Cookie brand name continued to grow in popularity through social media, customers are often disappointed with the lack of presentation for such an expensive order. The cheap, pink cardboard box packaging and presentation is sloppy and inconsistent with customer’s expectations of a neatly placed set of ordered cookies – as displayed on its Tik Tok account. Here’s an example of a Crumbl Cookie display posted from the official Crumbl Cookie Tik Tok account.

Poor Delivery

A viral video posted on Tik Tok by Madeline Sanders shows a Crumbl Cookie Delivery box full of discombobulated and scattered cookies with frosting stuck to the top of the pink box. The customer was extremely frustrated and disappointed with Crumbl Cookies, and even demanded an explanation for the poor delivery service. 

The sudden rapid increase in popularity caused Crumbl Cookies to expand too quickly, causing a number of issues with service and order preparation. The amount of order and preparation flaws prove to show how Crumbl Cookies does not live up to the hype it’s gained from social media.

How Much Money?!

Would you rather spend $4 for a full meal including a burger, large fry, nuggets, and drink at Wendy’s? Or would you rather spend your $4 on a single cookie at Crumbl Cookies?

You heard me correctly, each cookie at Crumble Cookies is worth $4 each. Customers can pay for $4 per cookie, $13 for a Crumbl Box of four cookies, or $33 for a sugary party box of a dozen cookies. 

The price of Crumbl Cookies is absolutely ridiculous: There are plenty of other food and dessert options for a fraction of the price of Crumbl Cookies. 

Awful Customer Service

Along with the absurd expenses, the customer service at Crumbl Cookies is extremely poor. Customers often claim the workers/staff create an unfriendly atmosphere within the stores. When placing an order, the staff also do not let the customer know that their delivery is through a third party vendor, and you may not even have your order delivered. 

Nina Magee, high school senior and Crumbl Cookie customer, gives her experience after going to Crumbl Cookies. Magee recently went to the Crumbl Cookies location in Cary, NC, and was extremely disappointed with the poor customer service quality when she entered the store. 

“The people working were not enthusiastic whatsoever, many were just standing around doing nothing,” said Magee. “I walked in and ordered like one of those cookie dough and chocolate chip one’s and the woman preparing it had the worst attitude with me after I asked her to add more chocolate chips. And then when I went to check out, the lady at the register was an absolute jerk because my (credit) card wasn’t working at first,” said Magee. 

She claims the workers were impatient and very impolite during her visit to the store.

Bad Cookie Quality

Many customers complained about the poor quality of the cookies they received. Crumbl Cookies often under-bakes their cookies, leaving them extremely floury and doughy, many of which customers were upset about.

Madison Westmoreland, Crumbl Cookie customer and LRHS student, claims that she was really intrigued by all the hype surrounding Crumbl Cookies, but was disappointed with the outcome of her order. “I wanted to really love these cookies, but unfortunately they were severely underbaked and tasted like flour. The batter was not mixed well enough and it overall was just bad quality. I don’t recommend it (Crumbl Cookies) and I definitely won’t be going back,” said Westmoreland. 

Magee also commented on the cookie quality themselves. “The cookies are so overhyped and definitely are not worth the drive or the money. I had ordered 6 cookies, one of them being chocolate chip, and I still didn’t eat any of them because they were so undercooked. I don’t have any intentions of returning anytime soon.” 


  1. I tried them for the first time last night, and it was the worst cook I’ve ever eaten. Over hyped, over priced nastiness. Never again

  2. I ordered 4 cookies from Crumbl this morning in KC, unfortunately two of them were frosted strawberry sugar cookies which sounds great. They were not great, I scraped off most of the too thick frosting; cut the cookie into thirds and took a bite. Yep, raw, floury, doughy. Not good. Strawberry flavor was very weak, I was hoping the red bits on top were freeze dried strawberries, but it was a weak strawberry flavored crumb. Sadly, I threw the second strawberry frosted cookie away. The chocolate chip I got was more browned on bottom, so hopefully it will be better; If also undercooked I can probably salvage it by mixing into ice cream. The third flavor was chocolate with caramel on top — except it slid off the top onto the side of the cookie. Not an encouraging sign. I am a prolific baker, but it is extremely hot and I thought it would be great if I could find good cookies until the heat dome moves out. These are a big nope for me. Fans of treacly sweet cookies or cookie dough products might enjoy.

  3. Crumbl cookies are like eating a slab of butter with sugar on top. They are hyped, overpriced, and though I have purchased cookies in St. George and Provo, thinking they would get better with time, I’ve been sadly disappointed. About 5 months ago, I vowed to never buy them again. Gag, gag, no wonder so many people have weight problems! What’s wrong with America that we need so much sugar and Crumbls, you are leading the way!

  4. So is any cookie worth $4 no so when you buy 6 or 12 you get cheaper. Having gone to our cookie companies in detroit and local market this price actually better. The crumble Novi. Michigan location is top notch these cookies are like eating a slice of grade A cake or the best dessert you will find, so not sure why all these bad experiences here but these cookies are the cats meow thats just being honest.

  5. I, too, noticed a few mistakes, including the “but” instead of “buy at the beginning, as well as “Crumbl” being misspelled as “Crumble” once throughout the piece. In your quote from the high school senior, the word “buys” doesn’t need an apostrophe as it is not possessive. Finally, the piece is very opinionated and quite aimed at slandering and discrediting a company based on your personal way of thinking and one person’s experience at one store in the U.S. Not only is it dangerous to publish this about a corporate chain with deep pockets, it’s also quite unprofessional for a high school.

  6. Love your material. I for some reason always notice typos and mistakes mainly bc my job requires me to find “bugs” for SASS businesses. The line under your very first photo says but instead of buy … just wanted to give you a heads up so you can fix it. Honestly not trying to be rude at all bc we all make mistakes and most of the time we read what we want to instead of what’s actually there. I found this article after receiving extremely raw cookies from Crumbl so I was interested in finding out if it was just me or did others share my disappointment so thank you for posting. All my best ,



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