Pros and Cons of Homework


Homework is a subject that many students hate. It can be very frustrating with many students not seeing a reason to do it. So then what’s the point of homework? Well homework is not as useless as students claim it is.

The primary purpose of homework is to help students retain information they learned in class. Homework is supposed to be more challenging to make sure students fully understand the material. Teachers want students to succeed and this is the best way they can.

Homework also helps students get things done in a short period of time. This can be useful later in life for time sensitive jobs. It also helps students learn to problem solve and experiment with different ways to find a solution. 

That is the benefits, but what about the issues?

For some students, the process works. Homework lets students better understand something the teacher might have failed to teach. However for other students homework has the opposite effect. Because homework is meant to be challenging, students who did not understand the material in class will become more confused on the homework.

The question that students have asked for ages is if homework is even necessary. It seems like a big waste of time. Well, studies show that homework may not even be necessary. Sure for some students homework helps a lot. But for a lot of students, homework feels more like a chore than something that can benefit them. 

Homework can also be a little damaging depending on the student. If a student has to work late, then they have to stay up longer to finish up their homework, and miss out on sleep. An excessive amount of homework can cause stress and mental strain on a student. School itself can cause depression, and that is excluding homework. Even if homework continues to be a thing, it should be limited. 

This is an argument that will probably never change. Students hate homework, and it has an effect that can be damaging. But schools have shown that homework can be effective to certain students. The only compromise would be to limit how much homework is given to a student, but there are so many different classes to keep track of. Things may never change in this debate.


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