Student Fall Fashion


This week is the first cold week of the season which means that fall fashion is finally back.

Students are wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts, boots, and even blankets. Then there are the few who are able to endure the cold and continue to wear tank tops and shorts in the 60-degree weather.

This week the weather hit a high of 50-degrees and a low of 30-degrees. The rainy, cloudy, and cold mood had impacted Leesville students’ fashion.

Here are a few examples of students dressing their best in cold weather clothing.

Natalie Cabezas, a sophomore, wears a flannel, jeans, and windbreaker. Her outfit is a “little red ensemble and 90’s throwback moment,” says Cabezas.
Jaidee Hernandez, a freshman at Leesville,  wears a sherpa, sweatpants, and a pair of controversial Uggs which may be making a comeback this season.

“I love fall fashion because I like being warm, and I like Ugg boots, and I love sherpas and sweatpants and I love fuzzy socks and I like being dripped out in oversized clothing,” said Hernandez.
Ixsieliz Meija wears a zip-up jacket, grey sweatpants, and chic crocs. Baggy clothing is a wardrobe staple this fall.

Layering and comfy cold-weather fashion is the best part of fall.


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