Quick Bites: A Slice Of Internet


Contributors: Ellie Thompson and Mary Mabry

Adorable Adoptions

A young boy finds a puppy with the same birth defect he was born with. The sweet photos are bound to make you smile.


Flash the Sloth??

A DMV worker had the brilliant idea to dress up as the Zootopia sloth. Just hope your DMV experience isn’t as slow as a sloth!


Pet Halloween Costumes


Imma Cowboy duh🤠 #dog #frenchie #cowboy #trickortreats #halloween

♬ treant the babys halloween jack stauber – jack stauber audios

Halloween just passed, and the pets of TikTok did not disappoint with their costumes! Here, a French Bulldog named Apollo shows off his cowboy costume. 


Lizzo Goes All Out

Just when we thought Lizzo could not be anymore iconic, she pulled out one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes. She dressed up as Yoda — her makeup and clothes made her almost unrecognizable.


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