Leesville Students 2021 Halloween Plans


Halloween is an enjoyable time for all ages. Some students go to parties, hang out with friends, or trick or treating.

COVID muddled some people’s plans for Halloween fun like Grayson Trout, junior. “I was supposed to go to a friend’s house for our annual sleepover,” typed Trout. “[But], my friend got Covid so we couldn’t hang out.”

But, this year, the Leesville community is more than ready to hit the streets for candy or party with friends. See below what some students are doing. 

Amaya Montague 



Amaya Montague, senior, is doing a homecoming celebration with her friends this Halloween. Last year, she hung out with her friends as well.

“COVID did not derail any plans last year,” typed Montague. “I went to a pumpkin patch with my best friends, carved them and had the best time ever!”

In 2019, Montague went to the band’s Halloween party as a gumball machine. 

Photo courtesy of Amaya Montague

Camille Xu 


Anderson Fox and Camille Xu as Rapunzel and Mother Gothel for Halloween last year. They didn’t trick or treat in 2020. They stayed home and watched movies (Photo courtesy of Camille Xu ).

Camille Xu, junior, didn’t trick or treat with friends last year. Instead, she stayed home and watched movies with her friend. But, this year she is going to do more for the holiday. 

“I am dressing up with four of my friends, and we are going to be fairies,” typed Xu. “We are going to hang out at one of my friend’s houses.” 

“It was easy to plan something low-key,” typed Xu. “We just wanted to hang out with each other, so covid wasn’t really a concern.” 

Isabella Burks 


COVID-19 did not interfere with Isabella Burks’s, sophomore, plans for Halloween in 2020. 

“Last year I went as Alice in Wonderland with my little sister and she was Cheshire Cat,” typed Burks.

This Halloween, Burks is going with her friend as a cheerleader from Olivia Rodrigo’s music video for her song, Good 4 u. 

Photo courtesy of Isabella Burks

Haley McAlarney 


Haley McAlarney, junior, spent last Halloween with her hockey team doing COVID safe trick or treating. 

But, this year she’s spending it with her friends. “I’m going to my camp’s Halloween retreat called Fall Y’all,” said McAlarney. 

Whether people decide to stay home or go out for Halloween, the “spooky spirit” remains present among the Leesville student body. 

Photo courtesy of Haley McAlarney

Whether people decide to stay home or go out for Halloween, the “spooky spirit” remains present among the Leesville student body. 


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