What Makes Fall So Special?


Leaves falling, pie baking, the smell of campfires in the crisp autumn air? What is the excitement behind Halloween and pumpkin spice? 

When the weather turns and leaves start to fall, North Carolinians flock to the fairgrounds and indulge in deep fried food that puts them closer and closer to heart disease. 

Then Halloween night comes, and kids dressed in costumes run in the crisp air for sweet, delicious candy. The delinquents have parties and make bad choices, but we don’t talk about that. 

Fall is a beautiful and cozy time of year that almost anyone can enjoy.

What follows heart disease and the fair is what people truly enjoy. 

Thanksgiving is when we gather with the people we love and give thanks to the memories we have made. Gathering and giving thanks over delicious food and stories between family members is truly an amazing and entertaining experience.

Caroline Vita, a sophomore, said, “[Fall is] the comfort of the autumn atmosphere, the leaves changing colors, the brisk air, halloween, and all of the fun aspects that come with fall and the people I get to spend time with.”

Fall is a time of year where we can decompress and enjoy a cup of tea by the fireplace, that is until your uncles and aunts decide to yell about import tax—other than that, we can all enjoy the people we love while watching the Lions lose on TV again.


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