What is Dad Culture?


John Merdes, a father of 2, said, “Being a dad is all about patience, once you have a kid you are a dad, but there’s much more than that. The quality of a father is in how he responds to situations.”

Once men reach the milestone of having a kid, they transform into their true form– A dad. 

While there are a variety of father figure styles to choose from, these types are the most common.

The Sports Dad

The most prominent and well known category of dads is the sports dad, showing up to their son’s or daughter’s Saturday morning church league sporting event is the highlight of his week. Playing catch with a baseball on the freshly mowed lawn, or kicking a soccer ball while grilling truly brings a smile to his face. He returns from an office job and starts watching football.

The Comedian Dad

A similar style of dad is the comedian dad. Wearing his finest cargo pants and chaos, he enjoys having an IPA on a saturday with his “buddies” and cracking jokes. He is always making the group laugh, while all along he is a very intelligent man. He is an extroverted person with a soft side that comes out when he sees his kids. Nevertheless, he loves making his kids laugh and enjoys being with friends.

The Handy Dad

Last but certainly not least, the handy dad. Need a painting hung? A dresser built? A space organized? Look no further than your balding dad with a tool belt on. He can fix anything. His skills shine through when he is on a ladder cussing his mind out while changing a light bulb, or when he is organizing his socket set at 11 pm on a monday night with a busch light in his hand. He loves the outdoors and loves spending time with the kids and wife.

Not forgetting about the true physique of a father, the almighty dad bod is the true form of every male with a child. The dad bod’s looks are deceiving — while soft and squishy, he can still be seen juking his kids out in the backyard with a football in one hand and grilling tongs in the other.

These specific characteristics allow for fathers all over the world to exist. Fathers are often combinations of multiple classes and can be rather unique at times. These 3 classes allow for dads to categorize themselves and use their powers for the greater good of humanity. All 3 dad types truly care for and love their kids and take care of the world around them, that love is true dad culture.


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