Tom Brady Returns to New England vs. the Patriots


After 22 seasons playing for the Patriots, Brady finally returned home to Foxborough to play his former team. Since it was announced, everyone has waited for this game. 

This was one of the most anticipated returns of an athlete. Ticket sales for this game skyrocketed as soon as they were released with the average ticket price being $1,101. This is the most expensive ticket to see a return of a former player, the closest being Kevin Durant returning to Oklahoma City — those tickets’ average price was around $350. 

There are many reasons this game is anticipated and that is because of what Brady was able to accomplish with his former team. While Brady was in New England, he won 6 Super Bowls, winning the Patriots their first one. People may be bitter about Brady’s decision to leave following the 2019 season, but it was Brady’s time to go — he had done so much for his former team and there was nothing left for him in New England. 

Joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sparked a new side of Brady that we have not seen before. Brady was able to turn this team around from one of the worst teams in the NFL to Super Bowl Champions in one year of being there. If you don’t think Brady is the G.O.A.T that may just prove it.

 So now Brady and his new team following their successful 2020 season face a new challenge, a new obstacle: the New England Patriots. 

Game Results

The game concluded Sunday night with the outcome being a Buccaneers win: 19-17. With this win against Belichick, Brady is now able to say he has beaten every NFL team. 

Before the game, Brady was welcomed with loud cheering, but as soon as his team got ready for the first snap the cheering went away.  Throughout the game, he and his team were booed by the New England fans. 

Post game Brady and Belicheck met together in the stadium and talked for 20 minutes. Tensions were high during the game but it is safe to say by the end of it everything between him and New England was fine. 


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