Are Movie Theaters Going Out of Style?


Now in 2021 and having experienced Covid-19, people have turned to streaming services as entertainment because of the closures of movie theaters. Services like HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Plus have decided to release new movies and shows on their services that were released in theaters, taking profit away from those theaters. 

Movie theaters and drive-ins have been very popular in America for more than a century. Through the years, Americans would occasionally go see a movie every Friday or Saturday night. The movie theater was the perfect place for a date night, family fun, or just to have a good time. 

In 2020, shortly after Covid-19 started spreading in the United States, movie theaters began to shut down. No one would have guessed that the Covid-19 pandemic would have lasted as long as it did. After months of staying shut down, they started going out of business especially in smaller populated areas. Reasons why smaller theaters were and are still struggling is because of the few number of screens in the theaters. 

Since new movies are moving over to streaming services this hurts movie theaters as well. Movie theaters are now getting cut out because of this.

Streaming Services vs. Movie Theaters 

Many people sooned turned to streaming services. Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu, along with many other streaming services, became very popular while people were under lockdown. The reason being was that many of these services are at an affordable price and provide a variety of movies and shows for people to watch. 

All streaming services have jumped 44% in viewing time since 2020.

Something found in common was that streaming services were releasing movies on the same days as movie theaters, which takes money from theaters because you can just stay at home and watch a brand new movie that was just released. An example of this is the 2021 movie The Suicide Squad which was released in theaters and on HBO Max. This movie was very popular and scored very well on rotten tomatoes. The audience score was also high which is important because a score review could detect someone going to see the movie or not. 

Student’s Opinions on Movie Theatres

Cameron Marshall, an LRHS student, said, “I can’t even remember the last time I went to the movies. At this point I feel no need to go out and pay the ridiculous amount for food and drinks at the theater when I can stay home and watch new movies on HBO Max.” 

According to Marshall, going to the theater is just impractical and is not the right financial decision when he can watch the same thing at home and for much cheaper. 

Mac Crocker, also an LRHS student, said, “Movie theaters just give good and nostalgic vibes. Sitting at home and watching a movie is just not the same as going out and seeing a movie.” 

He also said, “I don’t think movie theaters will go away just because people share the same beliefs I do and want theaters to stay.” Crocker believes that theaters will stay as long as people have the passion to go and see a movie. 

Streaming services have found a very effective way to promote their product. HBO Max has been successful at making commercials that catch the audience’s eye, unlike cinemas that are rarely advertised and the movie trailers you see on TV are being released on streaming services. 

At this rate, we may see the end of all theaters in the coming years. 


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