Little Fires Everywhere Review


Little Fires Everywhere gives readers a lot to unpack and many plots that highlight different issues and complicated matters. 

Where to even begin: there is a “perfect” American family, then the single mom and teenage daughter — their lives quickly intertwine much more than anyone expected as all the kids become closer and the single mom starts working for the other family. A rich couple desperately trying to have a child and adopting a Chinese baby, unknowingly getting entangled in a controversy bigger than they bargained for. Teenage “coming of age” stories with all sorts of drama. Adults acting like children. And on top of all of that, a mystery that lasts the entire book — who started the fires. By the end of the story there is a lot of tension between many character’s, so while I guessed who the culprit was from the beginning, it is not always so obvious. 

Not only is the story itself enough to keep readers interested, but the characters deal with some very real problems that connect with the real world. From abortion and racism to highschool drama and motherood, there is something for everyone. It brings up long-debated subjects in a very sensitive manner, as I was reading I was impressed with how well they were incorporated into the text. The novel even demonstrated how certain topics can completely change, or even ruin, families and other relationships. 

This book is definitely a must-read for anyone intrigued by the plot summary. I only found one lull in the story — when it flashed back to character Mia’s early life and start to her career — but it added to her personal story and was mostly necessary so this is not a large complaint. Then there is the end of the story, where there were little concrete resolutions between characters. I felt a little annoyed that not every conflict was resolved, even if the ending was more powerful because of it. Readers form strong feelings toward the character’s over time and, like me, may feel disappointed, like there was too much left unsaid. 

Little Fires Everywhere will have you thinking about your morals while still being an entertaining and easier read.


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