Last Week of the Quarter


It is the last week of the quarter, but fall break will not happen for a couple more weeks. The next time students have a break is for Veterans Day, but that is a few weeks away. 

“It wouldn’t be a bad thing if we had more teacher work days,” said Chelsea Thomas, a student at Leesville. 

But November is a great month when it comes to days off. The month has multiple teacher work days and a few holidays. In total, there are 13 days off including weekends. 

November also sees the play sesion come into full effect. And Then There Were None shows will begin on November 3rd and will run until November 5. Times are posted on the LRHS website. Tickets will be available soon. 

As for sports, there’s not much. Football season comes to an end as Leesville prepares for winter.

Sophomores are required to do pre-ACT testing. The test will occur on November 1st and will consist of all subjects. 

Grades will be finalized next Wednesday. Keep in mind, some teachers may extend the deadline. Some grades can be changed, as teachers take some time to grade everything. So it is very important to turn in any late work as soon as possible.

The month of November is a busy month for both teachers and students. Thankfully it is all worth it with Thanksgiving break coming in at the end of the month.


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