Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Contributors: Viviana and Dayna 


You Are Beautiful


Heart officially melted ❤️ Honey has the sweetest soul ✨🐶 #cute #fyp #puppylove #staffylove

♬ original sound – Sarah Lawther

Not only do humans love compliments. Furry friends appreciate the positive affirmations too.


“Harmless” Prank

Pranks between a husband and wife makes the marriage go right….to an extent. A husband decided to prank his wife while she’s sleeping in the living room. The husband takes a frightening approach to the prank..let’s see how the wife reacts!


Wait / Go


Wait / Go #fypシ #charlie #wait #go #funny #cute #comedy

♬ original sound – Charlie

Animals really do understand us, and can even show more patience. Charlie the chipmunk is trained in eating and even knows how to wait his turn.


Artistic Talent At Its Finest

We’ve seen recreations of iconic Disney foods and desserts like Tiana’s beignets. But, I don’t think anyone’s seen a dessert as complicated as this one.

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