Manifest Season 3 Review

Manifest season 3 came to Netflix on August 21, 2021. Picking up right where it left off, the ending brought even more cliffhangers than the end of season 2. (Screenshot courtesy of Gretchen Stern)

Season 3 of Manifest brought the drama to a whole new level. As the plot thickens, fans are captivated as they try to keep up with the twists and turns. 

The characters rush against the clock to complete their “callings,” all the while debating if they are truly doing good or if they are part of some evil plan. 

Then there is the issue of the rest of society, some who think 828ers — people who came back on the plane after 5 and ½ years — are resurrected saviors and others who think they are inhumane and out to hurt people.  

However, the challenges they face are almost too over the top. While the show itself is not meant to be realistic, the sheer amount of “suspending disbelief” viewers must do to follow along is overwhelming. For example, objects keep randomly disappearing and reappearing, they find a piece of Noah’s Ark, and in the end all signs point to the passengers literally having returned from the dead. 

There are just too many twists and not enough clear resolutions. 

My main two complaints are concerning the acting and the lack of humor. Much of the interaction between characters seemed forced and overdramatic. It seemed like they had memorized the script but not really put effort into portraying their actions and emotions the way people would in real life. This is not speaking for every single character at every moment of the show, but if the directing was different the overall performance might have improved. 

In a show as serious as Manifest, some sort of light-hearted aspect is almost necessary to break the tension. Whether it be a comic relief character or a subplot, there should be something that gives viewers a break of the intensity of the action. As I watched all three seasons, I continued to look for that aspect but never found one — even the daughter Olive’s romance and main character Mick’s wedding had an underlying layer of sadness or mystery to it. The multiple deaths, blood, and all around darkness seen more prevalently in this season provided an even larger reason for a happier feature in the plot. 

While it progressively became better through the seasons, it was not the most well-done show overall. If you are a fan of the show Lost or just want to try it out, it is not a complete waste of time, but be aware of its faults.


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