Improvements to Leesville Road


The City’s Plan

For years, Leesville Road has been plagued with accidents:  minor accidents or even major collisions leaving cars destroyed. The road has never really been very safe. 

Because of this, the city of Raleigh has decided to increase the width of the road.  The changes will help make life easier for everyone, including student drivers. 

“This sounds like a good idea,” said Kyle Roberts, student driver at Leesville.

A New Road

This is a two step plan. The plan starts at Lynn Road and ends at O’Neal Road. This part will focus on more residential improvements. These include new streetlights, medians, and roundabouts. 

The second stage begins at O’Neal road and will end at Westgate Road. This stage will widen the road. This section will have a grass median and may include a roundabout, but that is not confirmed.

One of the main improvements to the road are more roundabouts. This is a controversial choice for some who use this road everyday. 

“This change would make going to work tedious and take more time”, said Ms. Micheal Woodley, who drives down Leesville everyday. 

Another improvement to the street is more streetlights. This would make crossing Leesville overall less dangerous. Where these new lights will go is unknown, but they will help with some of the neighborhoods.

Extra Road Changes

Small changes that the city is planning include more medians and sidewalks. Sidewalks will be added to each side of the street, instead of just on one side. This change is mostly for students who walk home from school. 

“That’s very cool, like the idea”, said Michael Marotta, a student at Leesville who walks home everyday.

Medians are a whole other story. The city plans to added a long grass median that goes from 

Westgate Road over to ONeal road. There are also plans to add more medians to the surrounding streets.

Affecting School

The changes will start soon and will run until May 2022. Because the plan involves the intersection at O’Neal Road, getting to school will be more difficult. So getting to and from school will be a huge challenge.

Nevertheless, these road changes are a welcomed addition to the community. Hopefully, it can make the road a safer experience for everyone.


  1. I like the article! One small nit to pick. In the section “A New Road,” the two uses of “everyday” should instead be “every day.” “Everyday” means “ordinary,” while “every day” means “each day.”


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