Why We Should be Allowed to Have the Dino Game on School Computers


Wake County, let’s be real here. School is boring. No one can sit through an hour and a half class 4 times a day without being bored and exhausted. We need an escape from it all. 

Then we learned of the dino game, a game that lets you play as a dino and dodge little objects on the screen when the internet turns off. It doesn’t take up too much of our time to the point we are distracted, so we can pay attention while keeping our minds busy and active.

Teachers have argued that students turn off WiFi on purpose to play the game and not listen in, though let’s be real here there isn’t any WiFi to begin with. 

Some kids just lose the internet and have nothing to do, especially if they were supposed to work on something online.  

This is because we literally share WiFi with the middle school students. The problem isn’t the internet itself but with everyone using it, it overloads and takes a while for everyone to use it. If the school can afford all this new equipment for the sports teams then why can’t they get their own internet that actually works?

It wasn’t just a few students who felt it too.

“The internet sucks and it takes like 20 minutes to load every morning,” said Kayleigh Wilks, a sophomore at Leesville High. 

“I think it bites.” texted Zarie Harvey, a sophomore.  

If we can be entertained and have our full attention in class then it is a win-win. So what’s stopping them?



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