Impact of Store Closures on LRHS Students


Students who work after school may be facing more hours because of recent labor shortages, which could lead to conflict with time to do their school work.  

What we are seeing now is a labor shortage because the quit rate in food and retail jobs is growing due in part to very low pay. The majority of workers working at retail and food jobs are between 16-24 years of age —  for the most part they are still in school. 

Cameron Marshall, LRHS students, works at Food Lion and is one of the few workers who still remains there. “It can be very hard at times because it can get really busy at times while bagging and cashiering it tends to give a lot of stress on the body and mind because you have to go thru a lot of people all by yourself and that’s very hard,” said Marshall.

“It tires me out a lot when I get home. I usually don’t want to do anything because I just want to lie down, my body’s tired and my mind’s tired,” said Marshall. 

Putting this much stress on the body will drain it and leave one feeling very tired which will not help with completing homework and other school work. 

Most importantly, when Cameron was asked if work will end up affecting his academics, he said,  “absolutely, I can’t have good grades if I’m just stressed all the time.” 

The issue of work affecting grades is so important because stores and employers can not expect so much from these young students. It will end up impacting their academic performance and their future.


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