Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

The Leesville boys varsity lacrosse team is currently 7-5 overall and their season is not over yet. Below are some highlights captured on camera during some close games in the 2020-2021 season.

The Leesville boys varsity lacrosse team huddles up before the Leesville vs Sanderson game on March 10. The athletes’ words of encouragement to each other prepared them for the game in which Leesville just squeaked out a victory with a final score of 14-13 Leesville. (Photo used by permission of Caleb Thomas)
Brandon Lape and Ethan Ryan celebrate scoring one of the fourteen goals scored at the Leesville vs Sanderson game. The two lacrosse players encourage one another and show Sanderson the kind of pride that Leesville athletics stands for. (Photo used by permission of Caleb Thomas)

Robbie Stewart and Ethan Ryan guard two Broughton lacrosse players to defend Broughton from winning on their home field. Broughton showed their dominance to Leesville at this game on March 2 when Broughton won 16-10 only a month after beating Leesville 9-8 on February 2. (Photo used by permission of Caleb Thomas)
During the Broughton vs Leesville game on March 2, Gabe Ellsworth takes the draw against Broughton players. He starts off the long game ahead on Broughton’s field. (Photo used by permission of Caleb Thomas)

By Alexis Mast, junior editor, 2021-22

Hi! My name is Alexis and I am a junior editor for The Mycenaean. I swim for Leesville and Marlins of Raleigh. I’ve also been involved in class council leadership at Leesville since freshmen year.

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