How to Excel in School Without Studying – Satire

The practice of studying is long out of date. Student’s can still excel in the classroom without putting in unnecessary effort into studying by the help of new tech! (Photo permission of

Spending time studying and trying to memorize material is no longer necessary for a student’s success in the classroom. With new technology and resources to their advantage, students can still excel in school!

As a student, studying material is essential to achieve good grades and respect from their teachers. However, what makes a successful student is the ability to achieve these goals without putting in the unnecessary amount of effort into constant studying and memorizing material.

Studying is a figment of the past.

Good student habits are considered those of studying, paying attention in class, and maintaining good grades. These are strong habits for a student to have in the classroom, considering you are a student from 15 years ago. Nowadays, ‘good student habits’ are those in which students use their resources, and technology to solve problems, study, and perform well in school. Many people from older generations address studying as a necessity for achieving good scores. Although as schools and students progress with each new generation of students, the practice of studying is lost and no longer needed to do well in the classroom. 

Although, how is this possible? The answer is simple: technology and adaptation. 

Just use your phone! 

In a world where advancements in technology occur each day, students adapt and use these advancements to their advantage in school. Textbooks and hardcopy papers are out of date, and unnecessary to a student’s needs to perform well in school when Apple Watches and iPhones exist. Considering every student has access to smartphones, Apple Watches, and other pocket sized computers, the need for memorization and studying is no longer needed! Why spend an excessive amount of time reading through old textbooks and studying for hours when the answer is at the click of a button? Instead of memorization, adaptation and using resources is the key to a student’s success in school. As new technology comes into the world, students use them as a resource to perform well in the classroom.

Excessive studying is not only a waste of time, but also bad for student health.

Not only is using technology as a resource beneficial to students’ academic success, but also beneficial to one’s health. Working hard is a good habit for anybody, however, working too hard can be detrimental to a student’s health and grades. Studying for an excessive amount of time becomes a major stress factor, leading to fatigue, panic attacks, and other means of poor health for students. If a student stays up late one night studying for an exam, that student loses sleep and builds up stress, which is negative for the mind and body. Instead of jeopardizing one’s health, student’s can use technology as a source to quickly understand material, gain sleep, and ease stress of the upcoming exam.

As final exams are near for many schools, students do not need to spend time frantically studying and stressing themselves out for hours on end. There’s no need to worry about studying for final exams when all the answers and information you need is at one’s fingertips. Credible sources such as Google, YouTube, and Tik Tok can help you quickly learn and do well without spending unending amounts of time and effort studying!


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