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Hariel Styles?



Harry Styles, known for his eclectic, genderless style, has (once again) broken the internet with a new photoshoot. Dressed up in a bright red wig, shell bra, and green tail, Styles poses as a casual, tattooed, smoking rendition of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Memes and jokes are spreading like wildfire, and it seems like the singer is completely unbothered.


Jenna and Julien Engagement!



On a recent Twitch stream, YouTuber Julien Solomita announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Jenna Marbles, known as one of the “OG YouTubers”. Marbles has been on an internet break for a while, so this news has fans ecstatic for the couple! It’s a moment everyone has been waiting for, and the support is overwhelming.


Unexpected April Snow



The US Northeast is experiencing snow. In April. Many residents are massively confused as to why snow is falling in the middle of spring, even the meteorologists are baffled! Some took to social media to crack jokes, while others shared their wholesome pictures of the unseasonal winter wonderland.


Chrissy Teigen Returns to Twitter



Twitter has mixed opinions now that Chrissy Teigen has officially returned to the platform. She talks about missing the laughs and friends she gained from Twitter. “I chose to take the bad with the good,” Teigen wrote.





Duet this with your Marvel lookalike! #captainamerica #mcu #avengers #chrisevans #shapeshifting

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James


TikTok users have been trying to find their fictional lookalikes using the app’s newest filter. The shapeshifting filter allows users to morph into a character from a photo. Marvel, Supernatural, and even anime fans have been using the filter to try and get their favorite characters.


Spider-Man: No Way Home



Marvel fans are getting excited since Alfred Molina basically confirmed the spider-verse. The newest Spiderman movie will reportedly pick up villain Doc Ock’s story where it left off in Spiderman-2. The two film franchises will likely combine and we could see characters from the older movies.


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