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Photo courtesy of Marie Cox

Contributors: Gretchen Stern and Lyric Chassin


Twitter’s New Cat



This adorable cat is a favorite among Twitter users. People love seeing what he is up to next, including getting his very own little room!






WrestleMania is trending on Twitter right now, as fans are either celebrating or in dismay over the winners. This is an important time for all people who love wrestling. 



Frolicking in the Flowers



Punkin frolicking in dandelions. #livinginthesunlight #JustAddBriskZero #AerieREAL #GetCrocd #kittensoftiktok #kitty #kitten #kittens #cat #cats #fyp

♬ Living In The Sunlight – Spongebob


This cute video is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Don’t we all wish we could be like that little kitten?



National Pet Day



Yesterday everyone was showing off their pets on social media in honor of national pet day. You can go to Instagram or just look up the hashtag #nationalpetday to see people’s many adorable pets!


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