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Manifesting a Royal Disaster




Twitter has absolutely exploded with responses to Prince Phillip’s death, most of them jokes and memes. Ranging from McDonald’s Sprite to the true identity of Corpse Husband, both TikTok and Twitter are ruthlessly digging into him. 


Fearless (Taylor’s Version)




Early Friday morning, Taylor Swift released the first of her re-recorded albums, Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Ever since Taylor originally announced that she was rerecording her albums, fans have patiently waited for each and every release. Twitter blew up this morning with praise and congratulations for the singer. Listen to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) here.


Gwen Stefani’s…comeback?




Gwen Stefani released a new song with Saweetie…and people don’t know what to say. Some praise her comeback, saying they’ve been waiting for the punk princess to rise again. Others… are not as enthusiastic. Ageism, cultural appropriation, and general hate muddle together with the positive reviews.


We All Have Our Weaknesses




smh #foryoupage

♬ Originalton – Darth Maul


Many people have been fortunate enough to avoid catching the Coronavirus during the last year, but that does not mean they are completely in the clear. It is odd how it is not difficult to survive a worldwide pandemic but as soon as lactose or pollen comes into the picture, people can be down for days.


Kiss Me More MV Drops




Doja Cat and SZA officially released the Kiss Me More music video on YouTube. Fans are ecstatic at the visuals and the fact that Alex Landi, a Grey’s Anatomy star, appeared in the video. Watch the music video here.


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