Senior Spotlight: Abigail Mountz


Abigail Mountz has played a large role in making the Leesville community inclusive and supportive. She has worked to build a foundation for generations of students to come. (photo used by permission of Mountz)

Abby Mountz has been a highlight of the Leesville community for a long time. Her sister Becca graduated from the school in 2016, and since then the Mountz’s have held a prominent position in the community, always volunteering to help others build the school and surrounding community. 

Mountz is currently a member of the National Honor Society, English National Honor Society, Math National Honor Society, and is co-president of the LEO Club. These national honor societies are ways for students to serve their community and focus on academics and extracurriculars. Mountz’s dedication toward serving her school and surrounding community is shown through her eagerness to collaborate and volunteer. 

“I helped organize a service project in LEO club that we call FEED THE BEAR where club members donate spare change and we donate it to the ronald mcdonald house, we have done that for the past 3 years,” said Mountz over text. Her efforts to help others has made a large difference in the community, as she not only organizes a multitude of drives and fundraisers, but inspires others to do the same. 

In the summers, Mountz is a camp counselor for the cheer Pride Athletic Club (she has been doing this for two years now), donating her time to benefit the school community. Mountz teaches young girls the basics of cheerleading at these summer camps, as she is passionate about the sport and about helping others. Her kindness and encouragement shines through her actions and is hard to miss. 

Mountz has also been an active member of the athletic community here at Leesville. She has cheered for the school all 4 of her high school years (jv the first two, varsity the last), all the while helping lead her teammates with excitement. Mountz served as a captain for the jv cheer team her sophomore year as well, showing her capability and eagerness to lead others to success. Mountz has also done varsity stunt for Leesville the past 3 years, expanding her horizons to encompass more of the student body with her contagious enthusiasm for the sport.

“My favorite memory at Leesville is probably cheering at last year’s football game at Gibbons. I loved seeing how many people from the Leesville community showed up to cheer on our school,” wrote Mountz. 

Mountz’s school spirit tops most, as she always comes prepared to cheer for the Pride in every way she can. During spirit weeks, she dresses up to the max and always finds a way to encourage the students around her. 

“My advice to new students would probably have to be that Leesville has some of the best teachers ever and they are there to help you! Don’t hesitate to ask them for help or advice especially if you are struggling in their class. They want to see you succeed,” wrote Mountz. 

Mountz has made a positive impact on the Leesville community, serving as a model for students who want to serve and encourage others to live successfully.


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