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Burger King Controversy




Earlier today Burger King UK tweeted out a response to International Women’s Day by stating that “women belong in the kitchen.” Burger King claimed that the tweet was intended to encourage women to pursue culinary careers, but the internet did not see it that way. Many are calling Burger King misogynistic and criticizing their wording of the statement, especially on International Women’s Day.


Harry and Meghan Oprah Interview




Oprah interviewed Harry and Meghan last night on CBS. Watchers got to view both Oprah’s amazing skills as an interviewer and hear a lot of information about the couple’s life and the royal family.


CDC Releases New Vaccine Guidelines




The New York Times tweeted one of their newest articles detailing the CDCs newest vaccine protocol. The new protocol is revolutionary for anyone who has received their vaccine because they can officially have small gatherings without masks. However, the CDC still recommends that you should wear a mask in public.






Moxie is a new movie on Netflix that promotes the fight for gender equality –when a group of girls decide to make a change at their high school and fight back against the people and ideas that suppress them, a revolution forms.



Vice President Harris on International Women’s Day




Vice President Harris gave a speech on International Women’s Day earlier today. ”If we build a world that works for women, our nations will all be safer, stronger, and more prosperous,” said Harris in the speech.


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