Why Virtual Learning is the Best Learning


 In the years of education and school, virtual learning exceeds the qualities of the standard classroom. Students are now more efficient, responsible, and engaged than ever before. (Photo courtesy of Chase Dutton)

Virtual learning for students is the best possible way of learning in the modern world today. It offers a variety of possibilities for students to be creative while providing a convenient classroom environment for collaboration.

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020 initiated the widespread use of virtual learning for many public schools. Since enrolling students into the remote learning environment, classes and school work are becoming easier. And with every single student having available access to the internet, remote learning becomes possible for everyone throughout the schools!

Virtual learning creates an easier and less disruptive learning environment.

With online classes, students are presented with a straightforward curriculum with little to no interference or distractions that would normally occur in the classroom. Students are now more engaged in the class discussions and not on their phones or talking abruptly. 

Typically in an in-person classroom, students are distracted by phones, friends, gum popping, and other means that take away the attention from students. But now, with remote learning, it forces students to become more attentive and less distracted by the things or people around them! Allowing for more interactive discussions between students and teachers.

Nobody wants to wake up early on a Monday morning and go to a crowded school full of friends all day, and now with virtual learning no one has to! 

Instead of rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn and getting ready for school, just join your class within a few seconds and head right back to sleep. With virtual learning, students can stay half asleep in their comfy pajamas and still be attentive in class. Why waste time going to school and socializing with your friends all day when you can sit behind a computer screen for several hours? Remote learning provides the comfort of your own home and creates students to be more present in class!

Without a doubt, the virtual classroom offers students the best class schedule. Extra time ranging from 10-30 minutes between classes allows students to get started on homework or other assignments. And with a lunch break of almost 3 hours, students can work on previous or upcoming assignments instead of eating a meal with their friends. The spacing out of classes allows for more work time and less social time with peers and classmates. This creates a stronger learning environment throughout the day, whereas socializing with friends during the break creates distractions and interferes with work progression.

Engagement is one of the most important aspects of school. Students are encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and collaborate with others during class. Although, rarely do students fully engage within the typical face-to-face classroom setting and instead sit silently in confusion as the teacher progresses with the lesson. 

However, the virtual classroom allows students to be more collaborative and engaged with the lesson and one another. With a chat box open for questions and a hand raise icon, students are more enthralled within the lesson. Google Meet breakout rooms also provide an excellent, non-awkward space for classmates to work together during class. More engagement in the virtual classroom creates a stronger learning space for students, with less confusion and more clarity of the work.

More and more students are becoming responsible and efficient with virtual learning. Studying and working hard throughout each day results in stronger test and quiz scores and grade improvement. With the free time provided in between classes, catching up on some extra studying has shown to be effective. 

Student GPAs and test scores have increased due to the effort of student work, not from cheating. Some believe the virtual classroom opens up areas for disobeying school honor codes, and cheating on assignments, quizzes, and tests. However each and every student abides by their loyalty and respect to their school and teachers, and in response do not cheat on any task given to them. Instead, by pure hard work and efficient use of time do grades and academic achievement improve.

In the hundreds of years of teaching and school, virtual learning proves to be the most effective and useful style of learning. With little distractions, efficient classroom engagement, and collaborative aspects, remote learning helps improve student academic success indefinitely. Why return to a disruptive classroom full of friends when you can sit behind a computer screen at 7:30 in the morning? The virtual classroom is the best style of learning, offering little social interaction, and full throttle engagement for all students.


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