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Wendy’s got Beef

Popular Minecraft YouTubers are back on the trending list, this time having beef with the burger chain Wendy’s. Suddenly, the hashtag #boycottwendys started in support of a popular MCYT streamer George. His fellow streamers were quick to reply with their own quips, ratio-ing the chain with other companies.

Loverfest Cancelled

Earlier today Taylor Swift released a statement that Loverfest has officially been canceled. She cited the unpredictable pandemic making it unable to reschedule the tour. “I miss you terribly and can’t wait til we can safely be at shows together again,” wrote Swift.

Penguin Power

The official Pokemon twitter account released the newest designs of a classic starter pack: Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. Fans are raving over the adorable little penguin’s new upgrades, especially with added lore to the little creature.

Mask Science


MASK OVER THE NOSE VS UNDER THE NOSE😷 #mask #covid #edutok

♬ The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1 – Ricky Desktop

If you have ever wondered what happens when you wear your mask under your nose, Daniel Day or the Micro Guy has answers. He staged an experiment with three different samples that showed that there are more bacteria when you wear your mask under your nose. It provides a great visual for anyone who questions if the small change makes a difference.

James Charles in Another Scandal

James Charles is trending on Twitter once again, not for his hair though. Instead, serious accusations of grooming underage boys are being brought to light, leaving many followers confused and even annoyed with the beauty guru.

Hair Hack


#stitch with @fettygod SHUT UP this is actually amazing

♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

Anyone with long hair out there will love this half-up, half-down hair hack. Meg Hill posted a photo using an alligator clip to pull her hair back and it worked beautifully. Unfortunately, this hack might not be fit for curly hair unless you want to get your clip stuck to your head.


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