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A New Start for Harry and Meghan



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have told the Queen that they will not be returning as working members as the royal family. They also recently announced that they are pregnant with their second child! This should be a great new start for Harry and Meghan.


Did You Cop These New Shoes?



3 new pairs of Nike Dunk Lows dropped on Nike’s SNRKS app yesterday! Sadly, they sold out quickly and people are now frustrated that they did not get a chance at buying. Nonetheless, these sneakers are hot off the press and will be on everyone’s wishlist.





this is so much harder than it looks 💀💀

♬ Pierre – Ryn Weaver


Coffee TikTok is thriving! There is a new trend where everyone shares their perfect coffee recipe. @addison_hinkle says on TikTok “this is so much harder than it looks” as she tries to do her perfect coffee drink in the limit of a 60-second video — without messing up. If you want to experiment with your coffee routine, check this trend out!


Poor Snowflake



People on both sides are enraged at Ted Cruz’s impromptu trip to Cancun during Texas’ most devastating winter, but NY Magazine points out he even left his poodle Snowflake at home! Now Twitter is ripe with new memes of that small angry puppy left all alone.


Battle of the Genz



In a heated battle between Millennials and Gen Z ers, Twitter became a battlefield. It seems though, Gen Z won out against all odds, claiming to be the best generation.


Kathryn Hahn carried Wandavision



In the latest Wandavision installment, actress Kathryn Hahn drew incredible amounts of attention for her stellar performance. Fans point out that she clearly has a knack for being the villain!


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