Tik Tok Satire


Tik Tok is a beneficial and good use of time throughout the day. The worldwide social media app provides influential information and entertainment for all ages. (Photo courtesy of Chase Dutton)

Tik Tok is one of the most educational apps of all time. It prepares young audiences for the real challenges of life that school or college doesn’t offer, and is a strong use of time throughout the day.

Tik Tok connects people to one another like never before, and allows for the opportunity of creativity and video development. Each day Tik Tok users produce their own content, in hopes of influencing the world in unique ways. Spending time on Tik Tok is relevant to spending time in school, people learn just as much as they do on Tik Tok as they do in the classroom.

People are getting so much more efficient with Tik Tok. 

Instead of taking hikes (which are so overrated), why not just watch someone take a hike instead? Now you can through Tik Tok! Many outdoor Tik Tok creators create millions of exciting adventures within environments all across the globe. Now with Tik Tok, it brings those ecstatic environments and the great outdoors right to your own phone. No more hassle of packing a large back and trekking across rough terrain, instead open Tik Tok and enjoy a breathtaking video of someone climbing Mount Everest.

Want to learn a new dance everyone is doing but don’t care enough for lessons? Tik Tok can teach you how to do the ‘Renegade’. New dances are made every day, and now with dance influencers all over Tik Tok, it’s easier than ever to learn a new viral dance! 

Hundreds of thousands of dance enthusiasts and ‘professional’ dance instructors provide millions of Tik Toks for your entertainment and self teaching. With Tik Tok, there’s no more need to spend money on real dance lessons — now there’s an easier and free way to learn the latest internet viral dance moves!

Even with school back in session, Tik Tok provides all the information and entertainment you need while trapped behind a Zoom meeting. With Tik Tok, there’s no need to study or pay attention in class; instead influencers who make great teachers are able to help students with all of their homework and classwork needs. And during lunch break and spare time, why leave your room to see friends or family when all the entertainment you need is on Tik Tok?

All the information and knowledge people need to be successful are found in short, humorous, entertaining videos all over Tik Tok, providing an incredible way to spend your free time. Who cares for paying attention in math class while there is a math influencer who posts videos on Tik Tok that can help you ace your test? Exactly, nobody cares, instead Tik Tok provides all that people desire in entertainment.


  1. I’m going to use this as an example of satire written by a high schooler with my own students. Thanks, Chase!


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