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Contributors: Ellie Bruno and Cassidy Farrell

Historical Skip

Donald Trump tweeted earlier this afternoon that he would not be attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. This is the first time since 1869 that a President will be skipping the event. (Tweet cannot be found due to the permanent ban on Trump’s Twitter account)

Goose on the Loose


Everyone gangsta till the goose starts sleep walking 🚶‍♂️ #goose #duck #foryou #CozyAtHome

♬ Dancing in My Room – 347aidan

A pet goose already seems like a wild concept, but one that sleepwalks is so much better. Charlie Berkley posted a video of his goose sleepwalking while it peacefully sleeps in his lap. Never knew a goose could look this cute.

Malcolm and Marie

Zendaya tweeted to all of her fans that she will appear in a new Netflix movie. Malcolm and Marie is about a couple struggling through the trials of a relationship. The movie stars Zendaya and John David Washington and will be released on Netflix on February 5th.

Justice for Bieber?

Apparently, Bieber fans across Twitter are rushing to defend the “Yummy” singer. The phrase “Respect Justin Bieber” is trending, with a mixture of snarky remarks and genuine messages for the singer.


Amidst the nightmarish scenes on Wednesday evening with the Capitol Building breach, rage towards politicians is at an all time high. Ted Cruz, a senator who pushed for objecting the electoral college votes and led the fight against a “fraudulent” election, is under fire as one of the main reasons of blame for the death of 5 people in the riot — one of which was a policeman.


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