Marvel’s Newest Show: WandaVision


Marvel has released their newest show WandaVision on Disney+. (Photo courtesy of Cassidy Farrell)

Ever since Spiderman: Far From Home came out in July 2019, Marvel fans have eagerly waited for new content. Months of delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic put all of Marvel’s projects on hold, but now they have released their newest show WandaVision.

WandaVision premiered on Disney+ last week on January 14 at 3 AM. The premiere consisted of two episodes around 30 minutes long, which is very short by Marvel’s standards. But these short episodes will not last long because as the series continues the episode lengths will “start to vary more”, said Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president said to TVLine.

According to Samba TV, around 1.6 million households watched WandaVision between the 15th and 18th.

Filmed as a black and white sitcom, WandaVision follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they start a quiet life in the suburbs of Westview. They are struggling to fit in with their new neighbors and to hide Wanda’s telekinesis and Visions, well being a robot. The show is very comedic and a bold departure from the action films that fans are used to. Overall, it seems extremely different from anything Marvel has previously made. 

But as always in the Marvel universe, there is a deeper meaning to this seemingly harmless sitcom. 

Brief moments in the newest episodes show that something is deeply wrong in Westview. The mood would change dramatically from a lighthearted sitcom to a serious and almost insidious drama. But just as quickly as the mood changes it goes back to normal because “nothing can be wrong in suburbia, right?”

These moments play at a much darker side to this harmless comedy, leaving many fans wanting answers. Unfortunately, in true Marvel fashion, there likely will not be any answers until the show is completed.

With WandaVision, Marvel has completely changed the game. This lighthearted sitcom with a dark story alluding to a broken reality has won over the hearts of hundreds of fans. All that is left to do now is keep watching and to figure out what exactly is happening in Westview.


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