The Queen’s Gambit

Beth Harmon plays world champion Borgov at a tournament. This game is easily one of the biggest moments in Beth’s career. (Photo courtesy of Cassidy Farrell)

When Netflix dropped a drama about a young girl playing chess many people were apprehensive. After all, the story is about chess and who would want to watch a show about chess? But despite the seemingly boring material, The Queen’s Gambit has turned out to be a critically acclaimed Netflix original.

The story follows a young chess prodigy named Elizabeth Harmon. We first meet Elizabeth as an eight-year-old orphan riddled with trauma after her mother’s tragic death. She ends up in the Methuen Home for Girls where her only escape is playing chess with the orphanage’s janitor in the basement. When she is later adopted, her love for the game pushes her to join the competitive chess world, and the story spirals on from there.

It is a shockingly dramatic and glamorous take on what seems to be such a boring game. Every move made on the board holds so much weight and captivates viewers. Chess could be the most boring game in the world to someone and they could still find The Queen’s Gambit extremely compelling. 

Elizabeth’s character is a huge selling point for the series. Elizabeth, played by Anya-Taylor Joy, is a dark and multifaceted character. She struggles with an addiction to both tranquilizers and alcohol, which affects many aspects of her life. It ruins relationships, her emotional state, and at one point, almost ruins her chess career. Just watching how she changes throughout the show is fascinating. Anyone who appreciates great acting and character development would love Elizabeth.Taylor Joy’s co-stars also make amazing performances that are worth mentioning. Especially with the deep and complex relationships, they create with her character.

The Queen’s Gambit is a truly remarkable look into the world of competitive chess. Viewers will be fascinated by stunning performances from the actors and dramatic gameplay scenes. They will also get to experience the rollercoaster of character development from Elizabeth. 

Overall, The Queen’s Gambit is a fantastic series that everyone should take the time to watch.


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