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Contributors: Ellie Bruno 


National Heather Day

Conan Gray — 21 year-old pop sensation — released his album Kid Krow back in March, but one song has taken the spotlight. Fan favorite “Heather”, a heart wrenching ballad of unrequited young love, was trending on Twitter, along with a few other related hashtags; the third of December being deemed “Heather Day”, a call back to the first line in the song.


Every year, Spotify and other music streaming platforms release a total summary of your listening history. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are full of people’s lists, comparing top songs and artists reflecting the 2020 bops we needed through this grueling year. You can even see what the world listened to!

Can’t Escape Twilight

Twitter once again proved you can never escape the past. In a viral tweet, Twilight protagonist Edward Cullen is cutely compared to a cat during a famous car scene in the series. Amassing almost 30k likes, it looks like Twilight fans are enjoying the spotlight. 


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