The 100 Season 7 Review


Ever since The 100 first aired in March 2019, it has been extremely popular with teens and young adults. Unfortunately, the recent finale has been left with mixed reviews. (Photo in the public domain)

For the last six years, The 100 has been airing on the CW, but that all came to an end with the season seven finale. The new season features sixteen new episodes that left viewers with mixed opinions.

The 100 begins ninety-seven years after a nuclear war destroyed the earth. The last surviving members of humanity all live on a large spaceship called the Ark, but the ship’s life support systems are beginning to fail. So, one hundred juvenile delinquents are sent to earth to figure out if the earth is habitable or not, but once they reach the planet, they realize they are definitely not the last remnants of humanity.

The seventh season picks up exactly where the sixth season left off, on a huge cliffhanger.

The characters are left trying to piece together a broken society and trying to save each other from other threats. A new enemy called the Bardoans and their leader, The Shepherd is also introduced, creating a completely new antagonist and lore for the series.

It is a season full of heartbreak and betrayal that makes even the most unempathetic viewers hurt for the characters. It is refreshing to see all of the characters develop into the amazing cast they become at the end of the series and while the ending is bittersweet, it probably is the happiest ending fans could have hoped for.

Of course, the season is not without its faults. It seems to be focused more on shock value than creating a cohesive ending for the viewers to enjoy. There was also a lot of unnecessary death and plot lines added to this season, once again probably trying to add shock value. 

In the end, the storyline was fairly jumbled and left many fans wanting something a lot better than they got.

With the number of engaging fight scenes and strong emotional connections, viewers are bound to stay glued to their TVs. The 100 season seven, and the show in general, is a must-watch for anyone who loves an action-packed drama.


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