Study Music for Students


 Many students enjoy listening to music while they study. Some prefer instrumentals, some prefer classical music, and some prefer no music at all. (Photo in Public Domain)

Students across the country like to listen to music while they study. Some revert to older music such as Mozart or other classical composers, other students listen to Lo Fi (low fidelity) hip hop instrumentals, but some students find that any music can be very distracting. 

Different forms of background music have proven to be effective for students trying to study, but some types of music can inhibit a students studying capabilities.

The main two categories of study music used by a lot of students are Lo Fi hip hop and classical music. Lo Fi hip hop usually consists of jazz instruments such as pianos, saxophones, trumpets etc. infused with hip hop drum beats and bass. This type of music has been proven to put students into a focused mindset, according to Hyde School

There are many sources of Lo Fi hip hop across different platforms. On YouTube, there is a live stream called “lofi hiphop radio – beats to relax/study to” made by a creator known as Chilled Cow. YouTube has a vast variety of other playlists and songs to select from outside of this live stream.

Spotify also has lots of playlists for Lo Fi hip hop, and most of the creators post their songs on Spotify. Some creators include Potsu, Kudasai Beats, and City Girl. 

Classical music is the other main form of study music for students. In a popular phenomenon called the Mozart effect, scientists proved listening to Mozart’s piano sonata for around 10 minutes raised students IQ scores by 8-9 points, according to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Students can listen to classical music such as Mozart’s piano sonata on YouTube or Spotify. There are many playlists available on both platforms and some students make their own playlists to fit their taste.

A lot of students like to listen to different forms of music while they study to enhance their focus. Although some students prefer not to listen to music, the benefits and availability of study music is always useful for students.



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