Stressful College Essays

College essays are stacking up high as students are readying to submit applications to all of their prospective schools. Stress may overcome some students, but not Amy May. (photo courtesy of Abigail Mabe)

As seniors are getting to the end of their early applications, they are scrambling to finish their college essays, and most are feeling very stressed out.

However, Amy May has been planning for this her whole life, excited to begin the process of submitting.

“I have stacks on stacks of essays all ready to go! In 5th grade I made a list of 100 colleges I would like to apply to, and I wrote over 500 essays total,” said Amy May over email. 

According to Amy May, college essays are the least stressful part of applying to colleges. “The most stressful part of applying was the personal information. It took so long to fill out my name for all 100 colleges I’m applying to.”

Amy May has a very interesting life and feels she can easily fulfill all the prompts. Her favorite prompts would be asking about her special talent, in which she wrote about her talent of running. She also enjoyed writing about her challenges in life, pertaining to when she was not the fastest runner in the nation. “My favorite prompt of all time would have to be the question asking why I want to go to all these different colleges. To be honest, I just want to go to them because they all look cool to run around, so that’s what I write for every college,” wrote Amy May. 

“I also like how the colleges ask me repeatedly about my worst experiences versus my best ones, when really I’ve had no experience in the real world. I can only write about school and running since it’s basically my whole life. I like those challenging questions; they cause me to be more creative,” wrote Amy May. 

Amy May has taken over 125 AP credits, and loves writing to the colleges of her interest in her intended major — undecided. When asked why she put her major as undecided for all the colleges she applied to, she responded saying, “Of course I would put it as undecided. There is not enough room to put all the subjects as my majors. I want to major in everything, since I have taken all the AP classes provided, but since there was not enough room on the application to fill out everything as my intended major, I put undecided.”  

“I have about a 6 foot stack of essays that I wrote and rewrote for all the colleges I am applying to. It’s taller than me! I am going to cherish these essays forever, since they are so very important,” wrote Amy May. 

She insists each of the essays have an important meaning to her and to the colleges. “I am sure each and every college is going to delve deep into my essays. No way are they going to skim over them! I am wayyy too important to all 100 colleges I applied to for them to disregard my essays. That’s why they have to be so perfect!”

Amy May has about 75 of her applications submitted, and she only has to type out her name for the other 25, since her essays have been done for a year now. “Overall, I think colleges have a need for the 5 essays each since they don’t really look at anything else on your application,” wrote Amy May. 

She cannot wait to finish up her applications and hear back from colleges soon!


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